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The Vision

Why train with Apex?
Here's who you will train with:

Apex Training brings you years of education, experience and success out in the field of fitness. With Apex Training you can expect to get individualized workouts that are specifically tailored to your personal goals. Apex Training avoids "fluff" exercises that just fill time so you can expect every exercise you do to have a purpose. Whether you are a professional athlete or a very beginner Apex Training can help you on your fitness journey.


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Matthew Tennie

I started Apex Training to be an elite fitness professional focused on training individuals to succeed with his/her specific goals. I focus on personal development, individualized workouts, player skills development and, most importantly, overall health and wellness.

With over 10 years of hands on experience, I have worked with people of all fitness levels, from juniors to college and professional league athletes, I can custom tailor a program that will fit you.

To learn more about my credentials, see my full biography.

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