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About Apex


...the pinnacle or highest point attainable.  The apex predator is the top of the food chain.  I train under the name Apex Training because I am constantly striving to provide the pinnacle of experience and results for my clients and athletes through continued education and dedication to their individual needs and goals.


I started Apex Training to be an elite fitness professional focused on training individuals to succeed with his/her specific goals. I focus on personal development, individualized workouts, player skills development and, most importantly, overall health and wellness.

By starting in 2010, I have over 10 years of hands on experience working with people of all fitness levels, from juniors to college and professional league athletes. I can custom tailor a program that will fit you.

With an MS in Coaching Education & Sports Pedagogy, I focus on strength and conditioning at all fitness levels; coaching junior, college and professional level athletes; and providing online training that provides flexibility for alternative workout programs when getting to my gym isn't possible.

Some of my additional credentials include:

  • Masters Degree in Coaching Education & Sports Pedagogy with a focus on Soccer

  • Speed & Agility Specialist

  • High School Strength & Conditioning Specialist 

  • Youth Fitness Specialist 

  • Athletic Assessment Specialist 

  • Injury Prevention Specialist

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