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Still not sure about Apex Training? Read what our clients have to say!

"Matt is an amazing trainer. He helped me transform my body/soul to my goal. Very comfortbale/dedicated person to have on your side to help you achieve your goals."
~ Angie Barea
"Matt is a great trainer, he really knows his stuff. A lot of trainers out there don't have extensive knowledge of anatomy, nutrition and strength training like he does. He always keeps me going during a work out, I need that extra push to get my body to where I want it to be. Not only is he a great trainer, but also a great person to talk to. Love you Matt!"
~ Kerry Meyers
I have been training with Matt for over 2 years. Before that I never went to the gym and hated working out. I always said I just didn't have time to go to the gym. Now I workout 5-6 days a week! Matt made me realize I was just making excuses and that I was important enough to make time for myself. Matt had a lot of patience and taught me slowly how to properly do each exercise. He always explains what we are doing and why. He also has a lot of knowledge about nutrition. I have completely changed the way I eat, going from eating less than 30 grams of protein a day to eating my weight in protein. I lost almost 30 pounds eating way more than I did before I met him. I couldn't do a single push-up, squat or deadlift without modifications and his help. Now I feel confident at the gym and know that I am doing things right. When I train with Matt, he will correct me if needed so I don't hurt myself and get the benefit of the exercise. I have never felt better or healthier! Matt is also a good person to talk to and is a great listener. It never gets boring and I hope I will be training with him for years to come. I count him as one of my friends now, not just my personal trainer. Love you Matt!
~ Michele Roth
"I have been working out with Matt for 3+ years now and he has trained me through college while I was on the basketball team, pushing me harder every single day with the appropriate workouts. He individualizes each workout based on one's strengths and weaknesses and teaches you proper techniques in order to see results. He educates you on nutrition, exercises, technique, etc., and does not take "I can't" as an answer. I would never be as strong and as fit as I am today without Matt's motivation and help throughout the years. Matt is not only a personal trainer but a great mentor as well!"
~ Marissa Resnick
"Matt turned my weaknesses into my strengths. I was competing for Miss California USA at the time and had no clue how to become on-stage bikini ready. Matt taught me to not focus on one part of my body but to be balanced. I could barely do a push-up when I met him, but by the end of my training I could do 30 without stopping. Having someone there to tell you what exercises to do and why, where to start and where to build, and finally taking you to the point of achieving your goals is what Matt did for me. Even after I had moved back home and competed for Miss Washington USA, he was there constantly on top, pushing and teaching me to make my body the strongest, leanest it could be. Matt motivates and doesn't give up on you, even when you have given up on yourself. You can feel that defeat, that moment of not being able to push through, but Matt puts you right back up with a "Let's rock this!" attitude. I have never had someone in my life that made me feel so confident in the gym and on stage. There is nothing like that feeling of being in a bikini, on stage in front of thousands of people and telling yourself, "My body is at the best that it can be, right here, right now!" I didn't win a crown, but I did win fitness, health, and confidence which is more than a crown, and I have Matt to thank."
~ Tressia Nowlin
"Writing a statement on Matt's fitness program doesn't justify exactly how amazing of a trainer he is. I have switched to many trainers throughout my life and I finally managed to find a person who helped me reach goals beyond my expectations. After training with Matt for about 3+ years, I learned what my body was fully capable of achieving and how healthy I became, mentally and physically throughout my three year journey. Working out can be very intimidating at first, but Matt made the environment extremely comfortable and definitely gave me enough confidence in myself to take on any challenge when it came to my personal goals of fitness. His schedule is very flexible and he is a very consistent and dedicated trainer who will make a workout plan based on your body type and the goals you aspire to have. Trust me, I have made tons of goals that I thought weren't possible and here I am now lifting more than the guys next to me at the local gym lol. People are really good at their job when they are passionate about what they do and Matt is very passionate about his work. As a trainer, he goes above and beyond to educate himself and he can train anyone with any type of injury or condition that might prevent them from working out. Not only is he a kick a** trainer but he managed to turn into a very valuable friend during my time of training. I can't thank him enough and I give all my success of training to him because he was the one who pushed me."
~ Lisa Casali
"Matt's been one of my good friends for close to 7 years. His passion has always been fitness ever since I've known him. I never enjoyed working out, I tried several times to start on my own and was unsuccessful. I never knew what I was doing, I felt like I was making a complete fool out of myself just by being there. I wanted to focus and get serious with working out so in February 2014 I called Matt for help. I started with little to no knowledge; any question I've ever asked Matt regarding fitness or nutrition, he had the answer that actually made sense. If I didn't understand something he would break it down until it made sense to someone who had no idea what they were doing (Like me obviously). He kicked my doubts regarding my strength enough out the window. He never gave up or got frustrated with me when I complained when I thought couldn't do it and pushed me to my limits. All starting with Matt's continuous help and motivation, I can do things I never thought in a million years I could do: Weighted pull ups, squatting and deadlifting over 200lbs with proper form, pushing sleds over 550lbs, and the list goes on. He's given me the mental and physical strength I never thought I'd have. I highly recommend Matt to anyone. Especially those who want to get rid of the "I cants", the "I'm not strong enough", the "are you kidding that's too heavy" (sounds like the old me) and wants to get their fitness lives together. Matt, I thank you for the knowledge you've given me and the enormous dedication you've put into my fitness journey. Love you!!!"
~ Theresa Martorano
"Matt knows exactly what he is doing and he guides you with very easy direction. He pushes people in a respectful manner and is very professional when he does it. Matt is fun to work with, charming but does not baby you so be prepared. My daughter has been with him for many years and after seeing her results, I wanted the same. You go there to do a good workout and to focus, which is how it should be. Thank you Matt!"
~ Sandra Casali
~ Victoria Perullo
I went to college with Matt. And I've been training with him for almost 3 years now and when I first went to him I was in "good shape." Not the shape I am in now. I went to him "in shape" meaning I ran 5 miles a day everyday for 5 days a week. Never really lifting weights. I was weak as ever in that department. Today I can say I haven't ran like that in almost 6 + more months. He's taught me that running like that only makes you skinnier and as soon as you stop, all the lbs you lost comes right back. He's taught me to lift more and do less steady state cardio. Which I can now say I do only proper cardio 2 times a week and lift the other 4 days. My whole body has changed and I love it so much more. Matt truly has changed my outlook on "in shape" for the better. I thought I knew what I was doing before I went to him, really having no idea that I was wrong. He's such an awesome trainer and I would recommend him to anyone that asked. He's so flexible with scheduling. And he knows how to turn your "I cants" to I CAN!

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