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Online Coaching

Can't get enough of what Apex Training has to offer?  Traveling and can't meet with Apex in person? Try our Online Personal Training Program. Apex is now offering customized exercise programs based on your specific goals.  Whether your focus is weight loss, strength training, increasing stamina or have a specific sport in mind, Apex can do it all.
How It Works:
    1. Fill out the Introductory Survey so certified fitness professional Matt can start
       getting to know you.
    2. Complete a full consultation with Matt to discuss your current physical fitness
        level, overall fitness goals and personalized steps to getting you there.
    3. Check your email for your customized training plan and get to work!
Interested in our online training program?
Become a member in 3 easy steps!
    1. Fill out our introduction survey.
    2. Consultation with certified fitness
        professional, Matt.
    3. Get emailed your personalized    
        training program each month.
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